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China scored big on Christmas Day

China benefited a lot from the birth of Jesus Christ celebration. It always does. My now 8 year old son wanted Christmas gifts. He got quite a few of them. His brother got some too as well. What was strange was that when I looked at where these toys and gadgets were from, they were all made from China. I looked at some of my neighbor's gifts, and they were made from China as well. This got me starting to think. Suppose 50,000,000 kids all get at least 2 gifts and they are all made from China, what is the net effect. Let us suppose they are priced at 15.00 each. You do the arithmetic. This is just on toys only. What about other goods that were purchased as gifts? You can tell, China is benefiting from Christmas holiday day. Here is a twist to the whole picture. What if the USA bans celebrating Christmas Holiday? What happens? Bingo! Because of banning the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth in the USA, China loses big time. Go figure!

     The above illustration explains the fact China needs the USA just like the USA needs China. The demise of one is the demise of another.

Guns and Gun Control Laws

In the wake of the Connecticut shooting, debate is raging on what we ought to do about guns and gun control laws. This has been ongoing for quite a long time. Each time there is a tragedy of this nature, discussion erupts. While talking about guns and the related gun control laws is ideal, the real issue is effectuating measures that curb shootings. Rampant shootings are a result of some flaws which could have been fixed. This falls back to having more than just tough gun laws or control. Everybody needs to do his or her part. We cannot afford to relax and just think we are safe.

     When I think of the fact that those children and their teachers were massacred simply because we did not have a policeman or a security personnel manning the door bothers me. We do all these stimulus spending but we cannot direct funds to protect our children at schools. This bothers me. Yes, a guard serves as detterent factor and makes the gunman think twice before coming in to commit such a grotesque act. The doors need to be secured at all times. I have seen doors where somebody is buzzed in, but that is not good enough. There is got to be a way of screening each visitor or know exactly why they are coming in. How does someone get past security with such deadly weapon(s) and go unnoticed. This is beyond me. If America can send men to the moon, America can curb gun violence once and for all. Yes, guns are good but bad if abused. You do not burst into someone's house to do harm, because you know you might get your head blown away by a gun. In a way gun presents a fear factor which inhibits home invasion or burglarly. However, when they are used by those who seek to destroy, and can slip in unnoticed, guns become a deadly weapon. The president is treating this issue with a high sense of urgency. This is welcome news. Meanwhile, we have to do our part. We have to be vigilante in our communities and schools. Today itmight be someone's child, tomorrow it might be yours. This is an issue calling for concerted effoprts from all walks of life. Combating it requires joint efforts from you and me. I have begun contributing to this issue with this article. If we keep silent, it means we have become participants of these tragedies. It is time we spoke up and act.

     Schools are sources of learning and knowledge. But they can't be if pupils and students as well as taechers and professors are afraid someone might come anytime and kill them. Creating an atmosphere conducive to learning and absorbing knowledge is important. On the day the shooting happened, I went to pick my son. It hurt so much when I looked at him. Should I be afraid for the life of my children because we have inadequate tougher gun laws. Should I be afraid for the life of my children because we have not assisted in curbing tragic gun violence? Or should I be afraid because speaking against gun violence infringes upon the provisions of the USA constituition; that is the right to bear arms. The answer is no. Finding ways of addressing this issue effectively is an urgent need. We must act swiftly!

     Let us put ideas on the table that can assit addressing this issue. If everybody comes up with an idea and we run through them, you will be amazed of the progress we can make. There is no such thing as a bad idea. Brainstorming is no province for bad ideas. Instead it gives the opportunity to explore all faculties of our minds. We ought to review the gun buying process. We ought to see who cna buy guns and how long they can wait.

     Guns are good as indicated earlier. But they are dangerous if used irresponsibly. Let us think about tomorrow since today is becoming of age. Every school personnel, pupils and students should feel safe. But for them to feel safe, let us do our part to help.

President Barack Obama's Foreign Policy Working?

Upon assuming office, president Obama had no foreign policy experience. It was one of the issues senator John McCain pointed out repeatedly during the campaign leading to 2008 presidential election. During the recent election, governor Mitt Romney did not criticize the president much on foreign policy. Instead he focused predominantly on the Benghazi attack in Lybia. He also criticised China on foreign currency manipulation. We know that Romney lost the election. The electorate was not buying into his criticisms.

     Obama fared well during the election. Let us take a closer look at Obama's foreign policy. Is it working? The president, so far, has exhibited strong traits of resilient and objective. The president understands change better than most presidents. I listened to his speech during this year's United Nations General Assembly in the USA. It was a well reasoned speech and equally persuasive. Particularly when he talked about the age of cell phones and people have the ability to take express themselves through them. He also mentioned he was president of all people in the United states including those he disagrees with. This speaks to the crux of the matter: nations are driven into conflict and wars simply because of disagreement. Obama, in my opinion, has ably demonstrated a cool, calm and well intentioned attitude in terms of dispensing action where it is warranted. By involving the world in global conflict rather than taking the neo-cons attitude, this president has averted some conflicts. Granted, at some time one has to use force, if the situation demands as such. However, as far as sending someone's daughter or son in harm's way, one ought to think through this. It is not naive to wait and weigh your options. It is the right thing. Every human being is precious in the eyes God. it is a human being's choice to do what is morally right. Doing what is moraly right should not be required or demanded of us. Instead we should do that because it is the precise thing to do. It must be the norm or standard.

     At the end of 2008, the United States was viewed unfavorably by the world. At the time of writing this article, the trend has been changed. When the chinese president visited the USA last time, he stated in absolute terms that China is not an enemy of the USA. Is that true? I do not know. All I know is China is better off with the USA as a trading partner. Please an earlier blog article here concerning trade with China.

     Most recently, there are reports Russia, Syria's strongest ally, begins to feel President Assad is losing control to the rebels. This is where the American people need to wake up and understand that supporting the president in a lot off issues is a noble call of duty. Stop and think for a minute. The war hawks were already calling for going to war. When I heard that call, I am thinking, for real? Iraq is invaded, hundreds and and hundreds of thousands of people are kiled including some of those brave soldiers who defend us from terrosists who seek to destroy us. When I say us, I mean global citizens. During 911 peoples from all over the world were killed. Yes, peoples of all religions were killed including Moslems too. The critical question is: didn't we learn from that tragedy? It seems to me the president did learn. Vladimir Putin understands that very well.

     In answering the question is president Obama's foreign policy working, you make your own call. From watching the president since he took office, my conclusion is that he is not a weak or naive president as his adversaries would want to paint. The best person who can answer whether the president is weak or naive is the Saudi Arabian, Osama bin Laden.Yes, you read right. He enjoyed a fancy ride in a fancy limousine since Semptember 11, 2001. Then president Obama looked him in the camera and told him we are after you. You cannot hear him talk because he is dead.

    Stay tuned!

Fiscal Cliff Squabbles

The Republicans and Democrats are now entrenched in the fiscal cliff battle. The lines are drawn and neither side is willing to move an inch to the sobering line of reality. Could this be the final dagger that drives us over the cliff and let fall down to a crippling effect way below? Only the clock know the answer to that one. We do know though there is an urgency need to address this issue.

     The president jus twon the election. He does not feel like he has to dance to the tune of Republicans all the way. At least he gives some wiggle room. House speaker Boehner feels we are broke. Broke, he might feel we are but he does not feel a sense of urgency to address the issue. Where does this leave us? An impasse! Leaders are defined and image in times of crisis. Benevolent leaders rise up to the occassion. They assess facts and figures and act based on that. Currently, a lot of people are heavily affected by the current economic situation? Whether you are a member of the middle class or business community, you feel the pinch.

President Obama Numbers Up!

President Barack Obama weathered the storm. He won the bitterly fought election. Now, according to an AP-Gfk poll, 57% of Americans approve the president's job performance. In addition, the jobs report had some good news for the president. Santa Claus is already in town for the president!

     Is Obama the Reagan for the Democrats? Is he the Bill Clinton of the Democrtas? Or he is just the Barack Obama for the Democrats? I do not know. I do know this, the Republicans cannot afford to keep underrating Obama. It is time they stopped and start coming up with concrete ideas of dealing with people's challenges in economic life. This is good advice which they can pay for millions of dollars but are getting it for free here. A 57% approval rating means the electorate is sending a message to congress. Hello McConnell! Hello Boehner! For the record, the Republican party is not a bad party. But it seriously needs a Reaganisque type advocate right now. Yes, someone who can briefly read prepared notes and handsomely lift his head up and look far ahead. Then with boldness and understanding pronounce the vision. Reagan connected with Democrats, Republicans and independents. He was a connector. Remember the landslides! When Reagan talked, you couldn't but just stop and listen. It did not matter what your party affiliation was. It does not matter what country you were from. Go and ask Mr. Gorbachev.

     There is a vacuum of leadership within the Republican ranks. It is time for the party to turn to the likes of Colin Powell, Chuck Hagel, Ron Paul (maybe) and other moderate but conservative figures. Yes, if it continues being a party of no, all hope is going to be lost. If it continues to listen to talk show hosts who know next to nothing about about governing, it is likely to be extinct in future.

     The Democrats cannot continue to be cozy. There is need to refine the message and listen intently to struggling people in the country. Policy formulation has to be people centered and not ulterior motive driven. The electorate has waken up and it continues to.


President Obama and the Democrats better at handling the fiscal cliff?

According to the Quinnipiac University poll just released, Democrats and president Barack Obama are trusted more to solve the fiscal cliff by the majority of Americans. While this is good news for the president and his party, Republicans ought to take a hint of this poll. Polls are just an opinion at that particular time. However, one still has to pay attention to what the results are saying.

     Someone in the Republican party need to stand up and be the voice of reason. This is time for compromise to forge a better working relationship with the president and his party. Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest presidents America has ever had was known for working well with his opponents. He made the Republican party a glimmer of hope in times of hopelessness and deep despair. Lincoln, ironically from Illinois had heart. History tells us he was compassionate to a point he did not even take advantage of his opponents. Yes, even if he disagreed with them. My hope is the Republican party can see the wisdom of Lincoln. The party needs to ask itself what the general public is saying.

     A deal to avert a fiscal cliff scores points to both parties. The ultimate winner is the American people. Disaster would have been avoided. Failing to head to this early message will not do the grand old party any good. I have always maintained the Republican party is a party trying to do the right thing. However, extremism is destroying its stature and its message needs to be recalibrated. The critical question is whether the Republican party can listen to voices of dissent and be accomodative. Demographically, America is fast changing. Unfortunately for the GOP, the mix of the new demographics is not GOP friendly. This calls for it to reposition itself and counter the surging wave of the Democratic party. It is not too late, although it can be too late!

     The party of Lincoln needs to rise up again!

Student Loans: A Drag On The Economy

Student loans are available in many countries all over the world. Some people find them useful in obtaining their education. However, paying them back proves a pain. Some students end up defaulting. Unfortunately when default occurs, somebody has to pick up the tab. That can mean it is you or me. Yes, you get taxed your income and some of it serves as replacement revenue of the defaulted loans. The amount seems miniscule at first, but at the end it adds up. What can be done about this scenario?

It is time we addressed this anomaly. While they help to some extent, there is a huge downside to it. Student loans deal any economy a huge impact. I am surprised economists are not all over the map talking about this. We have had various devastating economic events all over the world. The impact has been extremely severe and yet one has to open up eyes to see all business segments affected. The stock market, housing market, gold and even silver market over time have had a fair share of turbulent times. Some of these times have been severe to a point where it took some time to recover. While others recovery has been painfully slow.

The lack thereof of the zeal or animated interest of finding curative measures to escalating school loans is astonishing to say the least. Why should we wait for an economic disaster to occur? Why should we address school loans when default rates have sky rocketed and then it is affecting everybody? Are we lacking imagination of dealing with this particular issue? Or it is just that we do not deem it as equally important as other crucial provinces of everyday life? It is mind boggling but a sobering reality of what is currently happening. We ought to craft a strategic plan of dealing with this economic disaster waiting to explode. The issue is not of lacking means and ways of solving the problem. Neither is it a question of lacking the genius of effectively dealing with it. It is more a question of reluctance to delve into it because we are comfortably with the status quo. We have become complacent in trying to solve a problem that could possibly severely hurt our future. Our being embroiled in an economic quagmire would be, to a certain extent, a result of lack of the drive to come up with innovative ways of curbing this problem.

One thing I have appreciated about American education is that its central thrust is on the practical side of life. It focuses on giving you results that help you in life. It does not revolve around many theories you are compelled to memorize textbooks and at the end sit for examinations or tests. In graduate school, during Commercial Bank management, one of the best teachers I have ever had, the late Eugene Swearingen taught us the key in making loans is to ensure you collect. It was a very simple statement but profound. If you do not collect, you have no money coming in. You have no money coming in, you have no cash flow. Ultimately it affects your business. He was right. We have seen a record number of bank failures, business failures and an apparent decline in the economy. American education is one of the best therefore it befits a mantra of taking charge in addressing this issue of school loans. Various modalities of curbing the loans are there to tap into. We cannot continue this path.

The stock market reset itself by crashing. The housing market bubble burst. Greece has had its fair share of debt problems. So did Spain. The fiscal cliff in the USA is being dealt with to avert a colossal disaster. My hope is that school loans would soon be put on agenda globally. We have to address them. They are not going to disappear if not tackled.

One great thing about the human mind is that it is capable of imagination. Out of this imagination result solutions to mankind’s economic problems. School loans should be part of the package as we strive to find an answer to the ever escalating student loan crisis. And we will.

China and the USA on Trade

"China does not need the USA, and the USA actually needs China"., a Chinese student said these words while we were in a Graduate Finance class. A heated debate followed in the class. Those who supported her view and those who opposed. The professor listened intently to the discussion, he did not like to obstruct the opinions coming in.

     I offered my opinion on the discussion. it was a pure methodical approach based on facts and numbers although observation. Of course I disagreed with the student. China, I countered was a giant poised for unprecedented economic growth. If it harnessed its geographic location and manufacturing and productivity prowess it could easily see phenomenal growth. However, to say China does not need the USA was, in my opinion a misnomer. Imagine if China stops exporting its goods to the USA. What would happen? We have to be objective and crunch the numbers and see the effect in terms of what would happen to its economy. A bulk of the goods in a lot of these giant retailers are predominantly made from China. The USA consumes the bulk of Chinese goods. The argument that China will find alternative buyers in its neighbors is fraught with misguided reasoning. Yes, it could trade with all those countries but the marginal propensity to consume the product can only reach a certain level in those countries. It cannot expand because China stops trading with the USA. Actually, it hurts China more. Well, you have to be bold and know what you are talking about when you argue against some of the best minds in the world. Yet I was not deterred because facts were on my side.

     Most recently, my 7 year old son told me he wants to go China. I asked him why? He stated to me because each time I go to the store or shopping, I am seeing a lot of items made in China. That really got my attention? So I asked him, "Why do you want to go there then?". He said, "I really want to see how they make so many goods like that". That might not seem important, but for a 7 year old to observe that, it is quite telling. There is no doubt there is so many goods from China in the USA. Consumers are readily available to buy the goods. The point here is to underscore that China needs the USA as well. You would have to put narrow lenses in order for you not to see the point. Later the student saw my point as we began analyzing the dramatic effect of an absence of the USA in China or vice versa from an economic perspective.

     The moral drift of this article is understanding the world is become a village. What affects the USA affects China or any other country. Although every country has its own borders, cultures, political arena and many other unique characteristics, when it comes to trade, commerce and business in general, no country is an island.

     As we forge forward in the 21st century, fair foreign policy can only but enhance respective countries. This is just ancient wisdom.

Election 2016

Election 2016 is four years away. Yes, we will go through the same cycle we just passed through. First, primary debates, second then long presidential debates to elect yet another president. In the USA a president can only run twice. President barack Obama would not be running again. His vice president Joe Biden would, if he chooses to do so.

     During this time, the campaign would focus on what Obama did, and did not do. If the budget defict is still high, I can guarantee you that it will be a huge issue particularly on the Republican side. The talk will certainly be how Obamanomics failed. However, if the deficit begins going down, it will be a different tone and message during the campaign. The American elecorate weighs in and gives its thoughts. No matter who you vote for, the outcome will affect you one way or the other. Therefore it is imperative to begin dialogue on critical issues that affect our everyday life. These issues are so diverse but need cohesive support to be heard and acted on. You might think your voice does not make a difference, but it does. Just speak up. The world is supposed to be enjoyed. We are supposed to be fruitful. What is going right now is absurd! People killing each other. Wars going on. The list is endless. Yet the degree of responsibility has to come from all of us. Many issues need to be addressed. In this website, the central focus is on how to graduate college debt free. The blog section has articles that lay plans and ideas of how anybody can graduate debt free. My hope is to assist those who cannot go to college because of lack of funds. The dotcoms came and crashed, the stock market came and crashed, the housing market came and crashed. During these times very little was said. During campaigns these pending disasters were not mentioned as much. Then disaster struck. Now, we have a looming disaster waiting to happen if we do not address it. Student loans.

     My hope is that president barack Obama will soon begin addressing this issue. It does not have to be an economic disaster if it is addressed early. We cannot continue to ignore it. It is an attractive area to solve and shift the money being used for student loans into something else. More important, when students graduate debt free, it stimulates the economy immediately. Instead of paying those loans they can direct ther disposable income somewhere else. Uncle Sam will still get his revenue through taxes. It is not like he is going to miss out completely. We have to think mathematically and see the large benefits of this idea. Imagine all the financial resources directed through other avenues from the supposedly student loans!

     Dialogue ought to ensue so we can find ways and means of dealing with an emminent danger of these loans. Let us explore fervently and come up with ideas that eliminate student loans. Americans sent men to the moon. There was the hockey miracle. There was even the declaration of independence from the most powerful country in the world then. So, what do I see? I see America getting rid of school loans in the years to come! And the vision continues. Wouldn't that be nice?


Obama Foreign Policy

Ever since president Obama took over office, the USA credibility all over the world improved dramatically. He took a different approach than the neo-cons took. His approach was of solving problems with inclusion of everybody.

     Now, he wants to focus on the trillions of dollars spent on wars to strengthening the USA infrastructure. He wants to defend borders. He wants to focus more on home. In other words, he does not want the USA to be all things to all people. His central focus is coming back  home and trying to create manufacturing job. He hates dependence on foreign oil. He is trying to initiate moves that help with more oil drilling in the USA and reduces dependence on the oil cartel.

     His critcis do not see his brilliance. Too them he is just a black man in the White House. Some thinkhe is lazy. Yes, that was said by some of his critics. But is he? We have heard about him passing the buck on some issues? Is that real true? Let us examine these charges. Very few people in the leadership level criticized president Bush on the invasion of Iraq. Even after Hans Blix stated there was no evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction. In fact, a good number of those people who oppose Obama now, cheered for Bush's foreign policy then. Which of course, as history is showing is proving to be a disaster. Why change of heart now? ,

     From what we have seen so far, president Obama seems interested in having everybody have a fair shot in life. That is equally reminiscent of upholding the constitution of the USA. From what we have seen, when it comes to going after enemies of the USA the guy does not play or waver. I remember the chilling message he sent to Osama bin Laden. he looked in the eyes of the camera and told told the terrorist that we are after you and we are going to kill you. Now, that is bold. Now he has sent a message to the middle east particularly Egypt and Libya. During the United nations General Assembly he was criticized for not speaking with the new Egyptian president. Here is the question. Why should he? The Egyptian president can make a meeting plan and meet with him. Yes, why should he not have sought Obama? The media likes to criticize but fails to come to grips with what is reality. The media likes to cheer for their particular side even if it is in the wrong. Obama is getting more cooperation from the world leaders than before. Something is working right. If we want the world to be a safe place, we need to support this president. It does not matter what your party is or what nationality you are. We have to support him. The future belongs to all of us.

     Wouldn't it be nice to have the USA leading gas producing by 2017? I do not care who the president is, but if its going to lower my gas invoice, I am for it.

My advice to Obama critics is this, give fair criticisms. Bashing aint cutting it. I do not agree with the president on a number of issues. But that does not mean he is a bad president. I agreed with president Bush on some issues, and did not agree with him on some. Be fair and objective.

Stay tuned!


What The Republicans Should Begin To Do Now.

Election 2012 is now in the books. Obama is working on his second term agenda. Romney is back to business as usual. The Democrats and Republicans have to be ready for 2013.

     We discussed at length the election. We discussed what could have been and what wasn't. We also discussed what is likely to happen if the Republicans continue regarding voters casually. Now, what should they begin to do now? Itis very simple. They need to go back to basics. They cannot continue to be viewed as a party of no minorities. Why was Abraham Lincoln so popular? He was a fair man, history says. He knew about harsh realities of life. that is what a president is supposed to be like. You preside over issues of life. You use judgment, and not faulty judgment to be precise. Abe was all that.

     Republicans need to remember Ronald Reagan. Why did he win landslides? Remember the Reagan Democrats, they do matter? Yes, they were Democrats and they liked Reagan, they voted forhim not once but twice. Reagan appealed to a cmmon man. he talked about having meat in the market. he talked about putting food on the table. he revived social welfare, which the current right wingers affectionately call entitlements. Go do your research and find out. it is amazing.

Yeah, Republicans should begin going to basics! Stay tuned.

Give Americans Credit

Twice Americans have elected an African-American as president. Odds about racism has been defied. There was much talk about Obama goint to lose the election because he was black. Political experts and pundits said race was going to be the number one one downfall for Obama.

     A conservative friend of mine confided in me he saw Obama's huge loss coming. He was shocked when I politely reminded that America has gotten past the yesteryear of bigotry. You still have the vestiges of racism firmly amchopred in some but you must be naive that racism is only in America. It is all over the whole world. It is an issue that is prevalent but is shied away from discussion.

     First, my hats off to the beautiful, wonderful farmland of Iowa. Yes, Iowa started the joourney of electing Obama four years ago. Iowa sealed the deal away. They repeated it again, they walked through the avenue of races and chose to look through wider lens of vision. They beleived Barack can be president of the United States. My hope is that History will feature a favorable chapter in its annals. Yes, history should feature a chapter stating how Iowans chose to elect a first African American president and broke the glass celing of racism in America. A state that is predominantly white, chose to send a message to America and the rest of the world. It gave a nod of approval. We have to learn from Iowans and try to build on their observation and knowledge. They cannot be wrong in choosing Barack Obama twice, or can they be? Time will tell.

     Overall, America is become again land of the brave. Only the brave will entrust the president to a race that has been considered second class for far too long. All you Iowans, you outdid yourselves. Among the noise, among the chatter, your voices of reason were heard. You spoke silently and the rest of the USA followed.

Election 2016 And Beyond!

Obama is president for another 4 years. If you are a Democrat, probably you are as happy as a lark. If you are a Republican you want the election for 2016 to be here. Yes, you already have fashioned out the campaign message. You are beginning to preach a message of compassion, helping the poor, inviting minorities to join your party and you are looking to overhauling the immigration system.

     The loss of an election fuels so much energy in one direction to another. Have you listened to cable news network lately. They are  analyzing what went wrong, particularly those who had Romeny measuring the drapes of the White House. But, in all sincerity, let us take a step back and look at things objectively. Before the Republicans start rebranding themselves, there is need to ask tough questions with tough honest answers. Is the Republican party a party of the minority? Is the Republican party still the party of Lincoln? Is the Republican party fully aware that the cold war is over? Is the Republican party willing to compromise and work with its adversaries? Why did the Republican party forget about the Reagan Democrats? Have the Republican party forgotten it was, they, who started the welfare system? Go back as far as 1983 and see how then president Reagan dealt with welfare system. The Democrats expanded it further. It seems to me the current republican leadership has short memories. Even George W. Bush knew how to be a compassionate conservative. Remember "no child left behind", faith based initiatives? He went to the inner cities despite being rejected and he managed to get votes he wanted to win. Guess what, he did win. He knew how the electorate map was like. It was not Karl Rove's genuis as some might want to believe. You live in a closeley divided nation and every single vote is crucial. Unfortunately Mitt Romney did not get the memo. So didn't his advisors and strategists.

     What is the rhetoric now? Well, from what I am hearing it is all about reaching the grassroots level. It is all about being understood. It is all about seeing what works well and what does not? Serious? Well, that is a good message for disaster in 2016. If the economy improves and no bizzare events happening, you might as well forget the White House. You might lose the house too. That will be sad but a possible reality. What should the Republicans do in the wake of the drubbing that just happened. First, seek to undertstand those who rejected you. You do not get them all at once but startegically you work at it little by little. Do not touch those talk show hosts with extreme conservative views. In my opinoin, they are not republicans. They have their own views and ulterior motives. That is network ratings and just care about themselves. Embrace minorities in your party. Take as many of your plays from Abe Lincoln's playbook. The guy was a genius. Now, cooperate with Obama. You might not agree with everything he says, but shows you are not a jerk. Remember, Barack Obama is president of all, good, bad, democrat, republican, independent, and all. Therefore he is required to solemnely defend the constitutional rights of these people. Because he is elected by the people of the United States, when it comes to upholding the nation's constitution there is no blue or red state. It is solely the United States of America. That is what makes America an amazing nation. It stands heads above the rest. The founding fathers of this nation faced the most pwerful navy in the whole world. It was Great Britain. Yet with all the resolve they could muster, they summoned their courage and fought tenaciously and end up winning a war that put them into founding America. Yet today, it seems that is long forgotten! it was not easy. The likes of Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Halmitton, James Madison, to name a few were brave men who stood against what seemed the tyranny of the most powerful nation in the world then. Yet they conquered. It befits to say many people have benefited from these men 's problems, challenges. History has been made. But for now, the Republicans need to get back in their game. Obama bashing aint cutting it. Every single word your leaders utter is being digested and sent over the internet by social media. Things have drammatically changed. You either learn from your mistakes or you get being hammered.

     It is not early to talk about 2016. You have to face it. Obama worked harder than you. He was not lazy as some of you wanted to believe. The guy works hard and smart too. If you think 2016 is going to be easy, think again. Obama has made history. Now he has to preserve his legacy. It is going to be one dog fight and you better be ready or else, fill in the blanks!

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