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Bargain Hunter 101


Bargain Hunters Stil in the Hunt

Bargain hunters do not drop out in the race for values. They do what ever it takes to make sure they are winning. At least they find value. Christmas season is one of the times they cash in. But they wait until the right time comes in and then  pounce.

     Brilliant bargain hunters wait patiently for their ideal purchase. When they come upon it they do what they were waiting for. Now is one of the times they have been waiting for. Holiday season like this present a golden opportunity. After Christmas, deals abound where you can get as high as 75% off. They stock up their product for future use. This allows them to save substantial amounts of money. In turn they take the savings and invest or allocate it somewhere else. Of course they resume looking for more bargains again. And the cycle continues.

     When Santa Claus comes to town, he lives bargains for everyone. Whether you get yours depends on how willing you are to get it. Santa surely does come and gives everybody. Just make sure you are not left out this time.

Holiday Shopping Frenzy

The holday season is here. The shopping frenzy is gripping towns and cities. Gift cards are being bought at an alarming pace. Yes, it is that specail time of the year. We have all been exposed to it since we were little kids.

     Our bargain hunters love this time. They are looking for special deals. The ones that can enhance their value seeking desire. Retail owners are doing everything humanely possible in enticing shoppers to come their way. Gift cards have been printed and you can easily see them in the stores. And the bargain hunters keep hopping along looking for their kill. Tired and fatigued, but they do not give up the hunt. Why? They know bargain hunting gives tremenous amount of wealth and they thrive on those bargains.

     Business owners do not like to be outdone. They are competing for every available cutsomer. Promotions are unleashed and advertisements made. Various vehicles to carry out the promotions and advertisement are utlized. Our bargain hunters know this as well. They know where to find them. They know which to take and which to use. After their purchase, they proceed on using them accordingly. They preserve and sustain them with utmost care.

     Bargain hunters are in the shopping frenzy as well. They are running around looking for that seemingly elusive bargain. When they find it they areovercome with joy and all happiness. Yes, the frenzy is worth the while. Yes, hello holiday season. Santa Claus is in town!

Coupons in loacl Newspapers

Where can you find bargains these days? Various places of course. One area which you can is through your local newspaper. Why? Local companies are likely to advertise and put coupons in these papers. All you have to do is sit down by your table and cut the coupons. You only cut the ones you need.

     Our local news paper sends us the Sunday paper with tremendous amounts of coupons. This reduces our grocery bill tremendously. At first glance it might seem just a little, but with time it is going to quite a bit. As an incentive, track your savings. This will give you the energy to engage in coupon cutting. We know that little things add up. Virtually anywhere coupon opportunities are available, you can cut and utlize them. While companies are promoting their products, you benefit from the promotions themselves. As you buy products, focus on items on sale. Additionally, buy from stores that double up the coupons. Yes, extreme couponers have actually gotten change back from retailers.

     As long as competition is there, you will always get coupons. As you plan your day, week or month, leave some room for coupon hunting. If you are in college and you live off campus. Coupons are a great way of saving money. Yes, this is in line with graduating debt free. If you are a family, coupons can give you extra value. If you cut coupons worth $500.00 per year, this can translate into $5,000.00 in ten years and double in 20 years. Ultimately this opens up more opportunities for you. The money can be used for investment purposes and let it grow. There are various ways of doing more with less.

     The question now is have you ever used coupons? If you have continue doing so. If not consider using them. They are a graet way of saving.

Bargain Hunters and a Knack for Value

Bargain hunters have been around for a long time. They will be for some time to come. Value is what they are looking for. And they sure do know how to find it.

     When the economy is gone south, they see tremendous amounts of opportunities. A majority would be seeing disaster. Bargain hunters would be seeing opportunities of growth, value and discounted prices. They have cash at their disposal. Buying is not an issue. They usually save money and buy at the opportune time. One person who comes to mind is the Oracle of Omaha. He buys predominantly stocks. He just does not buy anyhow. He lurks for the right time, right buy and at the right price. He goes for those stocks that are wildly discounted in price but with good fundamentals. Am I surprised that Warren Buffet is a billionaire? No. The guy understands very well how the stock market works. And when he speaks, people listen.

     Other bargain hunters look at different areas of opportunities. Real estate presents a fertile ground for bargain hunting. Why? Well, when the housing market gets depressed, home values substantially go down. People are not keen on buying houses during this time. However, our hunters are palpitating with a keen eagerness to buy an attractive investment. It is their understanding although the value is significantly down, over the course of time it will rise. Yes, they are patient. They do whatever it takes to obtain an attractive investment. In other words, they do know when to buy and when not to buy. Their wisdom of finding value is grounded in basic fundamental reasoning in terms of investments or just finding bargain items. This leads us into the question of how to become a bargain hunter?

     Please read the article in this section; Bargain Hunter 101. It is titled Traits of Bargain Hunters, posted on November 26th, 2012. You can become a bargain hunter. It just needs discipline and patience. Hopefully, if you become one, you will be able to find some good purchase items. I wish you the best in your quest to find value and increase the level of satisfaction of your standard of living.

Coupons! Coupons! And More Coupons!

Coupons! Coupons! And More Coupons!

Coupons’ use is increasing at an alarming rate. Shoppers are using them daily and getting substantial savings. Some stores have added automated machines to scan coupons when self-checking out. This is in addition to regular cash registers.

The heavy usage of coupons indicates value in them. Manufacturers and producers alike are frequently employing coupon tactics to induce buying. Should buyers use them? It depends. If they are relevant, absolutely use them. The savings might be $1.00 or $2.00 per item, however, consistent savings like these accrue over time. There is wisdom in using them. After all would you pay for a product $1.00 more if you have the opportunity to shave off that dollar over the cost price? Over a period of time, you are likely to have huge amount savings. In the event you do not use the coupons, you end up paying the full price. This means you are throwing away potential savings. If you are disciplined in coupon use, you are likely to amass tremendous amount of money over time.

The savings you generate if properly invested or allocated are likely to give you a good return. This makes a compelling argument of gravitating heavily towards effective use of coupons. Identifying the right ones becomes essential. You ought to cut or utilize the ones you need. Keep in mind not all coupons are relevant. There are millions and millions of them out there. But you have to find the ones you specifically need.

Is it a lot of work to find relevant coupons for the right items? Not really. It takes planning. You identify some time during the week. It does not have to be a whole day. You cut either in the Sunday paper, or print online. Keep them just like you keep cash. Pay attention to expiration date. Use them as needed. I use coupons for virtually almost anything promoted through coupons. Has it been beneficial? Yes indeed! There are times when I go to the store and pay on $12.00 for $75.00 dollar grocery bill. I remember one day I bought quality ties worth over $300.00 for only $28.00. I used coupons, discounts and, membership card. Doing more with less is ideal these days. You keep enhancing your experience. It is likely to come to a point where you amass a tremendous amount of fortune. This comes through little things that you are doing but adding up.

If you have never used coupons before it seems strange. Once you start using them and you begin to see benefits you are likely to continue looking for them. The internet provides many avenues of coupons. Spend some time looking for them. Companies are putting their coupon offers online as well. Why? They want customers. You are one of them. In other words, they want to buy your patronage. It is up to you to take advantage of the offers. Anything with discount or coupons is worth your time and effort. The goal is to do more with less.

Bargain hunters look for value everywhere. In coupons there is value. That is why they are highly interested in coupon usage. You will be amazed to see how much they accumulate over time. I know from experience the value I have obtained from utilizing these coupons. In fact I continue to see it. There is no intention of stopping using them because they are assisting me in more ways than one. If I do not do that, it means using more of my financial resources on products that I could pay for less.

Black Friday Brought Fights As well

Black Friday seems to be growing popular. Every year you see an enthusiastic crowd everywhere in these giant retailers. The retailers themselves seem to cash in on the concept of lost leader. Yes, they put a few items on steep discounts but they still have others marked at either relatively higher prices or normal prices. Just when you think you are brilliant is when you realize not quite.

     Well, our bargain hunters know that very well. When they go in, they are holding their list on hand. yes, they stick to it. They get an item they want and leave. They are not buying a bunch of things and some of them do not need. More importantly, they have been planning for it for quite a while. Now is the time they are actually purchasing the much longly waited for item.

     What has annoyed many bargain hunters I have talked to this year, are the sporadic fights and brawls for items. I am sure you have witnessed some brawls either online or live in a shop or store. Now, that is pathetic! When you go out shopping it is supposed to be enjoyed. You are supposed to have fun while shopping. However, the level of hooliganism and savagely displayed by some shoppers deserves the strongest condemnation. Fighting for items is uncalled for. If you do not get what you need, go to another store, as simple as that. What if you do not get it in that store agin, well you get a life! Why fighting? it is uncalled for? Equally ridiculous! Being hurt simple for an item is senseless. Those who seek to beat other peple should desist from such moronic action. Such barbaric acts belong to the middle ages and Platonic ages as Greeks sought all kinds of barbaric acts towards fellow Greeks. We are in the 21st Century where the mind of many is known for great and tremendous ingenuity. It is a shame you still see acts of violance particularly in the USA, where the citizenry is supposed to be civilized and be all about town.

     My hope is next year's Black Friday is civilized, calm and brawal free.

     Thanks for tuning in. Stay tuned.

Traits of Bargain Hunters

Value is what they are looking for. They are good planners. they are time conscious. Their mind is always running and looking for hidden deals. One way or the other, they find the value and they make a purchase. They also delay gratification a lot.

     For about a year, they talk about events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holiday shopping and many other specials. In the process, they are stashing away cash in order to make the ultimate purchase. Yes, they are patient. They are like a vulture. It is a patient bird. It waits and waits and when the carcass is available, it pounces on it. Everything they do is according to plan. They have managed to do more with less. In their conversation, they attach cost associated with a purchase more than anything else. Whether it is a little pocket calculator or cell phone calculator they pull, routinely they crunch numbers to see where they can eke out some value. Yes, they compare and contrast prices. Until they find their bargain, they do not stop.

    Do they use credit card or cash? From my observation, it is a combination. Some use cash. Others use credit cards. Those I talked to, if they use cash they plan on paying it off within a month. Predominantly it is cash. They understand time value of money very well.  Never throw away valuable opportunity of saving. They will do everything humanely possible to score points on saving. Cash building is one of their strongest traits. They understand it builds layers of potential. When they strike it they are as ecstatic as you can imagine. Bargain hunters are a rare specimen. But they are human beings like you and me. The only difference is that they do not like to splurge on lavish items. They are extremely conservative. They believe in opportunities coming along the way. They reckon doing well by employing right approaches toward finding bargains.

     When they buy items, they ensure it is well kept. It is maintained as per the manual. They even talk about life span of their purchases. Sometimes that life span surpasses standard product life span. One of them told me that preserving and sustaining wealth is not rocket science. Sometimes we do make it rocket science yet it is not. Are they right? I am inclined to agree with them. Effective bargain hunting is done in small steps. you finally combine those steps together and you are amazed by how much wealth you accumulate over time. Check out other blog articles on this website, you wuill see some practical examples of bargain hunting. It pays to bargain hunt. Yes, it does, big time.

     Come buying opportunity, like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, are you a bargain hunter? You decide. Stay tuned!

Black Friday: Lessons to learn from this year's event

Bargain deals were not lacking this year. These were ranging from television sets to as far as USB flash drives. You name it, you find it. What do we learn from these deals? Consumers are once again proving to be crucial for any business. Competition among companies for a piece of the pie is getting intense every year. Significant price reductions are awash in this Black Friday euphoria. If you are a consumer scoring in any of these special cuts, it is quite a bargain.

     Hopefully this year's experience is talking us to start preparing for next year's event. We should mark our calendar and start saving for next year. When the event is finally come, we just have to scoop our much waited for purchase. The ability to find those rare deals and save extra cash cannot be ignored. It is real. Saving small amounts or substantial ones on a cumulative basis has its own benefits. In the long run, you have quite a significant amount of cash. Had you not done that, you would have just nothing.

     After observing so many deals out there, one thing for sure is that there is more to come. Pay close attention to what businesses are saying after this recently completed event. Yes, you benefit from it. Look for clues and read as much on comments from various entities. Take notes or remind yourself to look out for next year's event. You are likely to come up with major bargains. Yes, I will continue looking out for you. This means my ears will be tuned to the ground and if I hear or see something worth your while, it will be shared on this blog. Please come back for more reading!

     Meanwhile, let us learn from this year's Black Friday. Let us then position ourselves for a tremendous gain next year.

Best Time to Buy Clothes

When is the best time to buy clothes? Anytime you answer the question and give a spefic time is an indication that you are probably paying too much for your products or items. The best answer is summed up in one phrase and that is: It depends. Contrarian buyers buy when everybody is not buying. They study the market place, then make an educated decision on whether they should buy or wait for the right time.

     First, never pay exorbitant amount of money for clothes. There are too many stores out there fighting for customers. They want your business, Yes, the proverbial saying the customer is king is true. You are a king/queen. Why? because you have cash! Today, I opened up my e-mail, one of my favorite stores is offering $70.00 for one suit and then you get 3 for free. This the first time this has happened. They are also offering $40.00 dollar suits for ladies and you get 3 for free. Now, is this better than bargain hunting? It is still bargain hunting, except it is more than bargain hunting. The suits are styled in Italy. they are of a fine fabric. What does this mean? Well, it means for $70.00 plus hemming cost of $40.00 you get 4 suits. Yes, that means you are walking away with a suit of $28.50 tha normaly cost about $200.00. Is that a bargain? I think it is.

     Second, do your homework. Do not just buy anything that comes your way. Shop around. Compare and contrast. Then make a commitment when you are fully satisfied. This is your hard earned money. Take time. Sometimes walk away from the table if you are not fully satisfied. Consumers have tremendous amount of power of choice and they just do not know. You have the power to choose store A versus store B for several reasons. Store B has to react in response to your choice. See! Who said you do not matter? You matter a lot. The same goes for a bank, credit card comapny, college, and so forth. We all have a degree of choice to exercise in front of us.

     The best time to buy is when it is attractive to do so. Buy at the right time. Save big on your purchase. I bought a sweater marked down from $42.00 to $2.00. How is that possible? Well, stores do mark downs, then mark downs on mark downs and even steep discounts. Your bargain is out there, just do the shopping around. Share with us your success story in the comment section. We do not sell or rent your e-mail address.

Value in Bargain Hunting

Bargain hunters have been around for ages. They know what they want. They know what they need. More important, they know when to buy and when not to. they are not buying for the sake of buying. They buy because there is value in the item they are buying and they are paying a bargain price.

     Those who buy stocks, they wiat until the price is artificially low. At that point it si ripe for the taking. The understanding is the price is unfairly punished but it is likely to go up. Warren Buffet, the oracle of Omaha, is known for this. He has made billions of dollars using this strategy. it seems to pays off given the fact if fundamentals are strong, the stock is likely to go up. You have to have the patience and due diligence to pour in time over financial reports and read those SEC filings to understand what is going on before you commit your funds. However, if you do have the time, you are likely to be rewarded.

     Bargain hunting is not restricted to stocks or investment world. Even to daily basic needs of life such as groceries, carwash, gasoline, clothing, electronic gadgets, purchase of a car, purchase of house and the list goes on. Yes, those who do their home work end up smiling all the way to the bank. One most important rule I have observed is to know when to buy. In graduate school, for stocks, the proverbial question was always: "when is the best time to buy stocks?". The answer was simple. The response was always: "When you see blood in the street". Everybody was scared to buy because the Dow had lost so and so points. Not quite everybody! Except the bargain hunters. They go and begin looking to see which stocks wre unfairly punished and the purchase those. They focused on the intrinsic value of the stock rather than the current price which they knew would eventually go up. When it did, they made their money big time. But only a few manage to do so for several reasons. 1. They are not afraid to buy because of the blood in the street. 2. They are positioned to do so because they ahve cash ready to be comitted into the market. It pays to get involved in bargain hunting.

     Grocery stores have a lot bargains. They have wildly discounted prices sometimes. It might be a week, a month and so forth. Have you ever considered buying day old bread for $1.00 less than normal price. I see you are frowning. Well, let us see. You go into a store and buy the same bread for $2.00. What you do not know is that that the store using first in first out. So, if the bread is still within its shelf life, whether it was put on the sg=helf yesterady or two days ago, you are not buyinganything better than one who goes and buys at day old bread store. Actually, it might be fresher than the store bread. And you are walking away with a loaf of bread $1.00 less expensive. You got it! But why is it that we do not think like that/ Well. we are programmed to think a certain way and we become oblivious to our surroundings. Continue buying the bread on your way from work and see how many dollars yo end up serving after 365 days. let us assume you use bread everyday in your household. that is $365.00 you save in a year. i got you interested now.

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