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Seeing the end now.

Student Loans Are not an Option!


The bold, determined, hopeful and decisive obtain the results. You are not an exception. Therefore graduate debt free and here is how: How To Graduate Debt Free: Concepts and Fundamentals of Graduating With No debt.

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Debt free college is possible

Everybody wants to graduate debt free from college. But, it is not easy to do because there is no one clear cut formula for graduating debt free. Those who graduated debt free always cite graduating debt free as a question of discipline and focus. Anybody who wants to graduate debt free is best advised to follow that advice. As pointed out, it might be challenging but it can be done.

The blogs on this site are a starting point. You have to begin with a vision. I like to refer the vision to "see the end now". Why is this important? Well, if you see yourself graduating debt free several years from now, it pushes you to stay focused. Not only that, you develop the discipline to work hard and responsibly. Besides, knowing that you will be debt free on graduation day, it is also reassuring to know that six months after graduating you do not have to start paying back what you never borrowed. Your disposable income is not affected significantly and can be put to worthwhile investments. Of course uncle Sam wants this money back if you borrowed.

If you are a first timer to this website, I recommend familiarizing with this website blogs on graduating debt free. I write from practical experience. I paid over $100,000 for my Bachelor of Science degree and MBA. I am currently doing my PH. D in finance and aim to graduate debt free by the time I finish. It can be done. Someone did it. You can do it. My mission is to help people see how they can graduate debt free and start off in life better financially. Being in debt can possibly put you in a disadvantageous position financially. And, things economically are not where they ought to be. Mitigating such scenarios requires that mental discipline and focus.

So, begin your journey of a debt free college. You are not alone. Read the blogs, leave comments of your fears, hopes and excitement. I have confidence in you. And on your graduation day, you will be debt free.

Best regards.

Student Loans No More Indeed!

Before you take student loans, please read these blog articles. After reading them, digest the content. You probably will realize you do not really need student debt. Of course it means crafting your own path to a debt free graduation. At least the blog articles get you started.

     I am a student of no student loans. Pursuing my bachelor of science degree at undergraduate taught me one can graduate debt free. Even my Masters in Business Administration, it was the same. How did I do it? Frequently this question crosses my pathway. The blog articles explain in detail my strategies and you can possibly use them to your advantage. Can you do it? Absolutely. Those seeking to go to college next semester, this is a perfect opportunity to test what we been discussing and talking about all along. You need a starting point and with some level of support you are on your way to a debt free graduation. The most difficult part is usually the first part. Resolve should be intiated by you and you follow through on it.

     Often times, parents ask me whether I think their children can graduate debt free. My answer is usually with an emphatic yes. Why? It can be done, and their children are not an exception. They do need guidance and encouragement though. The road is not always easy or rosy. Bumps in the road always come up. Determination, focus, and consistency become everyday vocabulary as you prosecute your studies. Yes, it is both fun and a pain too. Yet persistency gives you the much needed edge and accomplishing a debt free college career. You get to start off in life with no debt and assist others in the process. You are not an exception. You can do it. I did it!

     Student loans! Stop! You do not need them. For far too long we have been told you cannot do without them. They have become a necessity. But is it true? Only if you believe what is being said. Believing is yet another key ingredient in terms of graduating with no debt. It helps to put things in perspective and guides you throughout the process. Those who belive end up reaping gigantic rewards in life. You can too. So, as the first semester comes, take a shot at planning on taking no loans. Yes, go with strictly cash and academic scholarship. there is no doubt in my mind about you graduating debt free.

     Here is yet another incentive for you to graduate with no debt. Rather than pay $400.00 after graduating would you want to use that money investing or towards your mortgage? That is a school of thought for you. Indeed something to ponder on. I wish you the best.


You Can Do Without Student Loans

Students loans continue to mount. In talking to parents of prospective college students, they dread the fact their child or children will be saddled with debt sooner or later. Thus far, I have established prima facie evidence of no need to get involved with student loans. How To Graduate Debt Free, can be purchased on this website, explains in detail the path you can take. You can also read my blog section on this website instead of buying the electronic version of this book.

     The good news is that there is a readily available way to graduate debt free. Yes! I graduated with no student loans. I did not take any student loans. My strategy is clearly laid out in the blog and my ebook. If you follow the advice given and do exactly as laid out you are likely to be a happy graduate on the walking ceremony day. The time is now for us to reverse the trend. Debt keeps mounting and some of us are participating in the mount. Somebody has to reverse the trend. It could be you. Yes, take  resolve and first step. You draw the line and say, you are going to do what is right for yourself. Be encouraged because ultimately, you will be happy with the decision you would have taken.

     The thought of graduating debt free is odd at first as many people tell me. Usually, it is accompanied with doubt. Is it possible? How many people have managed to do so? These are legitimate questions. Yet the truth is graduating debt free is quite possible. A lot of people accomplished the feat and are happy they did so. You are not an exception. But, doing so calls for you to see the key principle of graduating with no debt. That key principle I have clearly stated in the book mentioned above: see the end now. Yes, start seeing the end now. See your day of graduation with no debt at all. It helps putting things in perspective and it keeps you focused. I have added many blog articles of how you can do it. Please read them and utilize them to your advantage, they are for you for free.

     If you do not mind, help to spread the message out there by sharing my website to your family members and friends as well on social media boards and forums. Traffic is key and the message will be heard a lot quicker. My hope is someone will use the message and indeed graduate debt free. Keep tuning in as I continue to bring more insights and fundamentals of graduating with no debt.

Student Loans should be a thing of the past

$100,000.00 in student loans are common these days. College debt continues to mount. Families are beleagured with student loan debt. Yes, high school sweethearts too. Wife is drowned in over $100,000.00 in school loans. So is husband too. They are trying to make ends meet but can not balance the act. Did they see it coming? Well, it depends.

     The typical scenario described above is actually an everyday occurrence. College is becoming extremely expensive and a majority are resorting to student loans. While student loans assist to a certain extent, you still have to pay them back. It is not like enjoying a fancy ride. However, there is yet another way to go about college education. You do not need to take school loans. Instead you need to devise a way of dealing with funding the expense. Various blog articles are readily available on this site. They are actually a practical guide to graduating debt free. It would be such an honor if you refer others to this website and particularly the blog articles. Together we might assist others as well.

     A silver lining always emerges when you fund college eduaction with cash, workstudy, academic scholarship and nonrefundable grants. On graduation day you are debt free. The feeling is great and tremendous. I have gone at length to write on ways and means of graduating debt free. I drew from practical experience. Yes, I paid over $100,000.00 for my college eduaction. It included vitually everything except loans. You are reading a story written by somebody with practical experience. The know-how fashioned herein is vitual reality and you can take it to the bank on graduation day. Hopefully you will graduate with no debt. It can be done and you are no exception.

     Please yourself debt free on graduation day.

Is a College Degree Necessary?

Is a college degree necessary in life? How many times have you heard this question? If you did, how did you respond? College education, although not an absolute must have, is at least essential. Some explain away their not having a college degree by saying there are successful people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg to name a few who had no college degree but are well off. That is true. But how many of them are out there?

     It is not many billionaires and millionaires out there. Nor is that those who have college degrees are successful all the time. Instead it is a question of understanding a college degree enhances your understanding business life. Let us face it, we go to college to get a degree and get a good job. We want to feel secure and the future being full of hope. Absence of these factors we feel inadequate and hopeless. We need to obatin a degree which best suits our needs and enlightment. The proverbial saying knowledge is power deserves merit. Any person with knowldege of some sort in a particluar subject feels great. In fact, we have directly applied some of our academic knowledge to our daily living. Indeed it has enhanced the quality and standard of our life. Basic reading and further research and analysis also contribute siginficantly to our everyday life.

     Thus said, a college degree is necessary. It impacts our lives. The degree you choose and its major also have a significant effect on us. You acquire a massive body of knowledge in a certain discipline. You are further trained in that field.Then you go out and assist others. As you dispense what you have learned, you are helping others and yourself in the process. They get your knowledge through service and you get a reward through wages, salary, commission, revenue or income. Sometimes your level of study commands a large share of compensation. Civilization was greatly enhanced by knowledge.

     Is it proper to dismiss college education? In my opinion it is not, just as it is not proper to dismiss high school or elementary education. Whether you pursue a business degree, science, technical, practical, sociological or liberal arts degree, you still enjoy some level of satisfaction in life. More important, the quality of life is greatly enahnced. After all, a lot of our modern development is a direct result of direct application of knowledge acquired in college. Although the economy has suffered greatly globally, there is no doubt in my mind this contemporaneous predicament will soon pass. A new era full of promise and good things will come. Admittedly, there are pros and cons to having a college degree. predominantly, the positive outweighs the negative. This makes the necessity of a college degree imperative.

     It is necessary to have at least a college degree.

Let the Employer Pay For Your Education

Uncoventional wisdom brings coventional results. The contrarian thinker does better than anybody. Yes, your employer can pay for your tuition and the like. You just have to get the right employer who will look at your best interests. But you have to perform.

     Employers are increasingly paying quite a chunk of your educational cost. Why? They want talented people and you are. The value you give at work is recognized and appreciated. In return you are sponsored to go to school. This is one of the best ways to sponsor college education. You should look into it. It makes sense. Pay attention to what level the employer is likely to fund your education. If you can be funded for everything, that would be nice. Going this route calls for you to strategically plan your degree course. It calls for analyzing when you can go to school and when you can go to work. Pulling it off requires a good schedule which does not interfere with your work. It leaves room to concentrate on school as well. It is important to realize some times we fail because we did not paln accordingly. Somehow we are led to believe we failed because we are not intelligent enough to master the material. This is a lousy idea and should be discarded. Instead we have to go through our degree plan sheet and fit courses according to our work life. Then we revolve around the schedule towards intended results. The good thing about it is the fact your employer is paying you to get an education. It surely does not get better than that. But how many people take advantage of this scenario. Some do but not a whole lot. Give it a shot, you never know. Please let me know the results.

     Many employers are assisting their workers to better themselves. They are doing the right thing by sponsoring their college education. You are best advised to do the same if you can take advantage of this offer, go for it. Just make sure you understand what the employer wants in return. Some employers wants you to stay with them for a number of years before you quit. Before you agree ensure you understand what they are asking you to commit to. Overall the idea is not a bad idea at all.

     The other aspect to consider is the degree you are going to study. Make sure it brings value in your field of study. The assumption is you already have an idea in mind likely to enhance your earning power. The central focus then shifts on doing what you are supposed to do. This kind of approach is likely to get your desired reuslts. It works. During my academic career, a number of people were working and coming to school on a part time basis. Many were doing so, and their companies were paying the tuition. This explains the fact that organizations are willing to fund your eduaction. All you have to do is ask. It does not cost you a penny. If you do not get anything then you know at least you tried. Why should you graduate with a mountain of debt when your employer could have paid?

My hope is that this artcile puts $30,000.00 or more in your education. Give it a try and see what happens. Stay tuned!

Debt Free Graduation Key Principle

Revisiting the key principle of debt free graduation

Debt free graduation has a key principle attached to itself. Seeing the end now enables you to focus and concentrate on the bigger picture. When you visualize the day you graduate and realize on this particular day, you have no student loans to pay back, it feels great. You get energized. Even if it feels challenging sometimes, but with the end in sight, you overcome.

This approach effectively worked for me. I already saw the end. I saw no debt on my graduation day. The hat thrown in the air was just full of joy and excitement and knowing there was no five hundred dollars or any amount to pay back monthly. It also gave me discipline. Time was used wisely. I remember fondly those years. Some days were good. Some were not so good. And some were just some of those days you felt, well, I have to deal with this. The passage of time ushered new dynamics of life. Doors of opportunities kept opening and on graduation day, I was a happy camper. Friends and relatives asked me how I managed to pull the feat. My response was informing them I kept seeing the end then.

On face value, it seems this principle does not mean a whole lot. In reality it does. You plan in advance. You set your standards of living while in college. Then you adhere to them. You police yourself and make adjustments where necessary. Setbacks come along the way and you handle them appropriately. Nothing dissuades from your vision. You stay strong, focused and solid as the rock of Gibralter. Nothing deters you from accomplishing the goal in front of you. You will notice the difference from your peers too. Why are you so goal oriented? Why do you study all the time? You are always in a hurry. You seem to know what to do at any time. These are some of the questions you are likely to be asked. The beauty of it all is that you know the answers to these questions. Once you set standards driven by your goal, they become your compass to the far destination you seek to reach. And the journey is full of twists and turns but ultimately you reach it.

The rewards of seeing the end now are great. The assumption is at the end you achieve the goal. Imagine starting out in life with no debt of school loans. You are one step ahead of many people. As I speak and promote my books and message, those saddled with student loans ask where I was when they were in college. “I would not be in such a mess I am in right now had I been exposed to your message earlier in life”. A friend of mine’s daughter has to pay over $600.00 a month of student loans until 2036. Yes, when I told she ought to plan and try to pay it off like in 5 years she looked at me and she said, “Great idea. All the money I can save thereafter would be great”. It leaves you with more disposable income. This allows you to channel resources to other areas. You do not have to deal with the idea of paying back any money. Instead you have actually enhanced the level of your life style and help those in need. Such is the beauty of following and attaining the intended results.

The end is far but the vision is near. Seeing it is not impossible. It is within easy reach and all you have to do is adjust your focus lenses. Begin seeing the end now. May your graduation day be full of joy and happiness as you know it is debt-free.

You Have to Read This!

On graduation day there is usually an air of excitement. It is fuelled by the feeling of conquering. You go through a four year journey. During this period, there are trial and tribulations. You are full of hope and ultimately you triumph. Reliving your college life makes tears roll down your cheeks. You are feeling a huge sigh of relief. In front of you is tomorrow. Yes, a tomorrow that is fraught with hope.

     The critical question is what type of tomorrow will it be financially? Is it six months from graduation you begin paying back those school loans you borrowed plus interest? And for how many years? These are practical questions you have answer and deal with in the process. As pointed out in earlier blogs, you have to expect payment of these loans. they are not for free. That is why they are called student loans. Now, if you are bold, determined and you see the end now, good for you. It means you made a conscious decision of graduating debt free. When in school payment was done monthly or something similar. Graduating for you is hilarious because there is no mountain of debt to be tackled. Indeed it is an excellent feeling. Upon getting a job, paying back student loans is one less headache you have to deal with. You can even invest some of the money so it can earn return. You can employ it in various provinces of your activities. It is many things that can be done. One point to note is that you are a step ahead of many of your college peers.

     If this is the case, that graduating debt free is good for your future, why is student loan situation in the USA escalating? Well, sometimes we gravitate towards what is easy. And you are easily tempted because student loans are readily available. A few try paying cash as they go. It is not easy but can be done. The ancilliarly benefits of paying cash and using academic scholarship are evident. Firstly, you are paying for your education as you go thereby eliminate the possibility of student debt. Secondly, upon graduation, you are starting your life with a better chance of building your future. It makes sense to strive graduating debt free. Is it easy to? That is a critical question which can only be answered by you. When one graduates, there are some immediate issues of life you have to address. You want to buy a car if you have none. Probably there is need for an apartment or flat. The prospect of new clothes, new furniture and other items comes your way. Of course, you have to deal with it.

     You can see, graduating debt free is probably the best way to go. It creates an attractive atmosphere of growth. Would you consider paying cash while in college. I did. Cash and academic sholarship were important in my experience. Can you graduate debt free. Absolutely! You can. I did. Please help me spread the word, if you can refer this article to as many people as possible, that would be great. Thank you.


Christmas Break

Christmas break is here. As a student trying to graduate debt free what are you thinking? Spending some quality time with your family and friends? Possibly. It is good. It feels you with joy. Yes, you would be seeing people you have not seen in a long time. The question is: when you go back to school, how do you begin your semester or term? The assumption is you probably have registered for the semester. You assessed your financial situation and probably are feeling pretty good. What about the tuition and board?

     Well, that is part of the discussion of this blog. Looking at various ways of paying for college as you go. Any mode of doing so is accepted. The goal is to owe nobody anything. And you can do it without a doubt. People who see the end now always accomplish the desired goal. This key principle is golden nugget which nobody should ignore. This means you have your game plan mapped out for the break. It is usually good to have one as you strive to accomplish your goal. During the break, on-campus employment has some temporary jobs. Start off by going to career jobs center and see what is posted. Traditionally these jobs are fairly easy to do and you can do them.

     Once you get a job or two depending on how many hours you work, plan on depositing the entire paycheck in your bank account. This way when schools are open, you have money to at least get validated into the school system. Failing to do so precludes you from accomplishing your ultimate goal. During college days I worked in the paint shop and cafeteria. Did it help? Yeah, big time. When I went to register to get back in class, the money was readily availavble. It paid off. Those jobs really came through for me. As you trudge and saunter on campus, keep your eyes out for summer jobs. Never take an job for granted. You have no time for being picky. Your journey to graduating debt free is one step at a time. Funds are needed to register for class and any job that provides you with them, you should go for it. Eventually, you would be happy you took that step.

     Christmas comes but once in a year. Take whatever gift comes your way and any job that comes your way. On graduating day, you will have no debt. Keep the fight.

End of Term Semester Review

Here comes Santa Claus! Is he going tp be good to you this holiday season? Or the question should be was Santa good to you during the term/semester? Let's discuss.

     Those on track to graduate debt free, you are saluted in advance. Those trying to graduate debt free, keep focused. Those struggling, success is not an automatic guarantee in life. You have to earn it. Doubt anything coming easily. Your grades are a cumulative effect of effort over a series of days and months. When we pause to look at them, we have to be honest with ourselves. Did we give them our best effort? Are they a true reflection of our maximum output? Is there potential for excellence? We have to address these questions with a degree of objectivity. Why? When we objectively evaluate ourselves, favorable results are likely to follow. Getting As in classes is more likely to enhance your chances of getting a scholarship. Therefore, it is important to evaluate objectively.

     Now, the question is how did we do this term/semester? Keep in mind it is a stepping stone to next term/semester. If you made all As, great. Keep on rolling. Keep building the grade point average. You are going to be a happy camper when the awards letters come. You will be motivated to keep working hard in an effort of obtaining the much needed funds. My hope is you have been following my blog article daily or when posted. You are now looking forward to next year. Keep on building bridges towards the end. You are going to be happy at the end.

     What if you did not do well? Well, you have to look at it this way. Not doing well does not mean you are a failure. My ebook: How To Graduate Debt Free addresses this issues in detail. However, in short, failing offers us an opportunity to regroup or actually succeed through various avenues. What is it that you did wrong? How can you improve? Be inspired to overcome the challenges you faced during your courses. And, please, keep in mind various sets of circumstances impact our learning journey. We still ought to be firm and resolute in our goals and visions. We must keep seeing the end target. Getting discouraged is not the answer. More impotant, you have acquired knowledge during the learning period. The direct application would more than likely assit you in some form or fashion.

     You failed a class? Take it again. Get an A. The old grade is replaced. In real life you will never be asked whether you took the class twice. Do not forget the bigger picture. No debt on graduation day.

It Feels Great To Graduate Debt Free

It feels great to finish college with no debt. When you land that job, you start in life without paying back student loans. You chart out a future full of hope and promise. Yet the decision to go this route is the most crucial one.

     But you can never know what it feels like to graduate with no debt without trying. Experience is the best thing to ever happen to you. Once you do, you will realize how it feels. I have been asked many questions concerning graduating with no debt. People want to know how exactly can you do it. They want to know whether that is really possible. These questions talked me into blogging about debt free graduation. Additionally, I self-published a book titled: How To Graduate Debt Free: Concepts And Fundamentals Of Graduating With No Debt. You can buy the book on this website through the Buy Now button via PayPal or through your favorite online retailer.

     My hope is you are gravitating towards graduating debt free or encouraging someone to take this road. Yes, economically, you will actually be helping a lot. If people have more money to spend, the economy gets better. It gets stimulated. This means some jopbs are created too. Wherever you are, take the initiative and focus on debt free graduation. Maybe someone does not know, explain to them how they can do it. Please refer them to this website: I am glad I graduated debt free.

     If you are on this path to getting your education with no debt, stay focused. Your day is coming. It will be here. Seeing the end now is one of the most powerful principles of tossing the hat with zero debt. Painting the future is ideal for success.

     Seize the moment and ride the wave. Yes, you can do it.

Studying in the USA

Many international students come to study in the USA. Why? Predominantly, this country attracts international students because it is a nation of immigrants. These students acome from all walks of life. This leads me into this question, what does it take to study in the USA. can you graduate debt free? Yes. I did.

     Many of my classmates were from Africa, Asia, Carribean, Latin America, Pacific Rim, Europe, and various islands. A a majority of these students graduated debt free. They did not take school loans. Instead they pay cash.  On graduation debt they were more than happy. Whether you are from China, Southern Africa, South America or any country for this matter, you still need a strategic plan to successfully come and study in the United States of America. You might have heard how challenging it is to study here, but if you are good at planning and have a vision, it is not.

     Let us say you are a Chinese student coming to study in the USA. I had a lot of classmates from China and and they taught me a little Chinese. We had fun. Now, you focus on coming into the States to a college of your choice. Make sure you have enough funds to cover your room and board. You do not want to come in and you are stranded. Of course you already know the degree you intend to study. You cannot afford to be exploratory major. If iot is accounting, you stick with accounting to the end. This way you graduate on time. As far as strategies you can ready the ones explained in this blog column or you can come up with yours. The goal is to focus on graduating successfully. on average itakes about 4 years to complete a bachelor's degree. That is a total of 8 semesters. it also takes about 2 years on average to complete a masters. Keep in mind all these points. various scholarships are available but it depends on each school. my advice is to apply to various schools and then pick out the best one for you.

Who Wants To Graduate With Debt?

Debt free graduation is a dream for everybody who goes to college. Now, the real question becomes who wants to graduate with debt. The answer is nobody. Yet people do graduate with a mountain of debt.

     If the answer is that nobody wants to graduate with debt, does that mean people are finishing college with no student loans? You would think that is the case but, in reality it is not. Several issues contribute to end up with school loans. These include but not limited to them only:

1. Lack of vision.

2. Lack of planning

3. Absense of focus, determination and hope

4. Failing to see the end now.

     A vision plays a critical role in our lives. If there is no vision, there is no success at the end. In other words, a vision provides guidance and it infuses discipline. The urge to say true and focused on it becomes crucial in the process. Those who succeed would have seen their vision and focus purposely on it. It is important to point out that out of a simple vision, exploits and tremendous amount of success is achieved. The power of a vision is real and far reaching.

     Planning follows closely. You plan the dynamic elements of your strategy to orchestrate the aforementioned vision. You answer critical questions. You rewrite the plan. You fine tune and make necessary changes. Ultimately you have the desired product in your hands.  It is no debt on the day you graduate. Planning has to go on. The blueprint has to be laid out clearly.  At all times the plan is subject to change. The plan should be able to withstand change. That gets you over the hump.

     Focus, determination and hope are all words we are familiar with. We are talking concentration with every moral of our fiber to see desired results. Keep seeing the end. It does help.  Stay tuned!

The End: Debt Free Graduation!

We have established our vision so far. It is written down.  Debt free graduation! How are we doing so far? Well, let us take a look. If you have not taken any school loans so far, you are doing great. What if you have? Well, keep reading the blog articles on this website, one day you will have an Eureka! moment.

     On the day you are going to graduate, you have zero debt. How did that happen? Well, you stumbled upon this website in August of this year. You started reading the blog articles posted here frequently. You are like, well, if this guy says he graduated debt free, why can't I give it a shot. You proceeded on following the recommendations in here. Heck, you even bought my ebook for $9.99 How To Graduate Debt Free: concepts And Fundamentals Of Graduating With No Debt (Tafadzwa Nhira) on one of the major online retailer or through the Buy Now button on this website. You could not put the ebook down. It was highly inspirational and motivational. It was so obvious to you that you can graduate debt free. Before you realize, you are strategizing how you can toss the hat with no debt. You begin trying some of the methods recommended. Boom! It is working. You are pumped up. You keep seeing the end, you have determined no debt under any circumstances.

     On graduation day, your name is called out, you work across the stage, you are shouting and screaming. Family and friends are screaming your name. Cameras are pointing at you and lights are going on for you. You are receiving your diploma. Oh, you toss the hat and the feeling is so great. Oh! One more thing, you are graduating debt free! That is the vision.

Show Me A's, And I Will Show You Academic Scholarship

As the semester winds down, you need to be reminded of the importance of finishing strong. You probably have gone through a lot. Yes, stress, frustrations, discouragement sometimes, triumphant and hopeful moments. Probably you even questioned the wisdom of graduating debt free. It is all normal. Staying the course is the best advice you will get from me. It is worth it. On graduation day you will have one of the best times of your life. I did it. You can do it.

Before we get to debt free graduation day, let us focus on some key imperatives of the journey. The fall semester is winding down, it is time you finished strong. Assess your grades. Spend quality time reviewing for tests or exams. Master the material with an A performance. When you are striving for academic scholarship, you have no room for lackluster performance. If you cannot understand the material, you need to find out a way to. Keep in mind good grades are not just for getting academic scholarship. You are also establishing an academic name for yourself. You will be recognized as one of the best. You have a brilliant mind, capable of charting its own financial future through hope and a belief system. Yes, you can do it.

The rewarding factor is if your grades are excellent, you assist yourself to pay for your tuition and/or room and board. Who said it does not pay to work hard? This makes a compelling case for ensuring you have excellent grades. It gives more ways of funding your education cost. This article is serving as a reminder to focus on all your classes. The ones you have high As, you spent little time. Concentrate on those you have low grades but have a chance of pulling good grades. At the end finish strong and wait for that brain check to come your way. It feels pretty good.

Class material can be difficult. You need to do several things.

1. Review the material on your own.

2. Identify areas you are struggling in.

3. Study with friends, classmates or anybody you can ask

4. Make an appointment with your professor and ask him/her those areas you are struggling in

5. Ensure you have a high A proficiency in the material before you take the exam

6. Do not be nervous

7. Execute well on exam day.

8. Expect good things to happen

9. Stay focused

10. Keep seeing a debt free graduation day! I am pulling for you and you can graduate debt free.

Keep these pointers in mind. Ultimately, they are likely to help you. Remember the more streams of funds you have, the more likely you graduate debt free. Academic scholarships as pointed out in many discussions are one of those streams. A good number of students fail to utilize this golden opportunity because of lack of effort. My job is to remind you and talk you into action. At the end of the day, when you finish college, and you have no student loans to pay back, you would have accomplished a lot. It opens up many attractive opportunities for you.

I am also asking for your help. My message needs to get out there. Please share my website, with your family members, friends and social media circles. Together we can impact the world economically. Together we can help to avoid yet another economic disaster waiting to happen. Please share, discuss and talk about this issue. The vision is to see less and less of student loans. We have to go another route.

Keep on fighting. Trudge on this road and hope for a bright tomorrow. Keep seeing the end now.

Stay tuned!

Gold in Academic scholarships

Money flows to you when you do well in college. Yes, bright minds are paid for their brilliance. And you are not an exception. Just when you thought it is hard to graduate debt free is when you stumble upon this idea now.

     In the spring of 1997, at Oral Roberts University, in Tulsa Oklahoma, my grades were pretty good. Little did I know that by studying hard and staying focused, a hefty amount of funds was going to be applied to my student account. When the awards letters came, sure enough, it was a good amount given to me for the whole year. I was so energized that grades became a top priority. My time was allocated wisely among all other activities. My vision was to graduate debt free. Anything that could assist me in this direction was worth the effort. This might comfort you if not talk you into setting your debt free graduation vision. There was nothing special about me. It was a question of being passionate about my vision. Nothing was going to stop me. Not even failing a test or a quiz or lack of sleep would deter me. Why? I wanted my degree so bad, that I considered having it already. All I was doing now was follwing the footsteps of the laid out plan.

     Summer time saw me working on campus. I opened a savings account with one of the local banks. Once my pay check came, I deposited it. There was no going to the mall for shopping. The vision written down kept things in perspective. It served as a reminder the mission ahead of me. Getting validated into classes was easier. Different sources of funds came my way and helped with my goal. If you are thinking you cannot graduate debt free, think again. It is all about being visionary, planning, and strategizing. The exercise was pretty much the same semester after semester. When I graduated in may of 1997, I had my accounting degree and had no debt. It felt great. You can do that too. It takes a mental commitment and dedication. Be resolute about it.

     Here is a question I want to ask yourself. If Tafadzwa Nhira can graduate debt free, what can stop you from graduating debt free? The journey begins now. The mental effort is right now as you are reading this article. Yes, make a commitment you are going to graduate debt free. Or you will help somebody graduate debt free. Please share this website. Encourage others to read the blog articles. You never know, many people might actually be helped by them. If you can assist one or two, that will be great. Who knows, it might be a medical doctor, a teacher, a nurse, a policeman or scientist you have helped. It might even be more than just one. Maybe many people. You are invited in spreading the word.

     Keep the vision burning. See the end now! Please come back again. Thank you.

Debt Free College Strategic Implementation.

Strategic implementaion of your debt free plan is key to success. It is not enough to just wish you graduate debt free. If that was the case then everybody would have graduated with no debt.

     Various methods of finishing college education without taking school loans abound. The question is which method do you take. If you pursue one will it yield the desired results. If you have been following this blog section, you are pretty much familiar with some strategies of accomplishing your goal of tossing the hat with no mountain of debt. It feels good and terrific. Surveying the land before you even select a college is probably one of the most important strategic imperatives to take. At least it gives you a better sense of which direction to take. Additionally, it presents options you never thought about. If you cast a wide net, it probably gives you ample choices and then you select attractive choices. Your selection is more than likely to land you a very attractive college. The word attractive is used relatively here. But you get the picture. The fundamental goal is for you to owe money nobody on graduation day.

     Looking for colleges that at least pay some of your educational cost is ideal. Many universities are assisting their students to pay off educational costs. They use various sources of income such as grants, private donor contributions, restricted and unrestricted donations. Many wealthy people give these schools money and assist needy students. When you are looking for gaining admission into any of these colleges, ask appropriate questions. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance. It does not hurt.

     Keep in mind graduating with no debt is such a noble honor. You are doing yourself a great favor. Upon graduation, you have nothing to pay back. Your focus would be working or starting your business. The plus side is you have no debt to pay back. Yes, zero! You planned and it paid off. It is worth your time and effort. As you plan your strategy, maintain a balanced approach. Be objective as you go along. Additionally be honest with yourself. Strategy can be revised or changed. However, you stick with what works best.

     As you begin your debt free graduation day, stay focused. Be intense about it. It is impossible to fail. Yes it is. Be determined and be bold. Keep seeing the end now!

Ideal Debt Free College

As 12th graders are getting ready to graduate, they are also busy applying for admission into college. In some countries it is form 4 or Advanced level. Regardless of what grade you are in, the task of choosing a college is emminet when you are ready to graduate. This is also the time to identify that ideal school which can assist you in graduating debt free.

     Yes, some schools do a great job in helping their students graduate with very little debt if any. At this point in time, you must have a strategic plan to land you some scholarship. We talked at length about academic scholarships. They help if you consistently maintain good grades. There are also athletic scholarships too. All these types of scholarships help you to toss the hat with no debt. Now, even when choosing schools, that can make thousands of dollars difference. Yes, call and find out scholarship programs. Find out any nonrefunadble grants they give. Make sure you state that you are shopping around for which college to get into. Make sure you have multiple colleges you apply to and obtain their finacial assistance programs. When you finally talk to the admissions office, you will be surprised to see how much money they will give you. If you can get ahead by their assistance, that would be great. Some independently wealthy people donate money to colleges and universities to give to needy students. Yes, I received $900.00 dollars every semester for 4 years when I was in college. It was a lot of money for me. Now, here is the kicker, I did not know there was this money until I asked. It does not hurt you to ask for assistance. You would be interested in knowing there are are good samaritans out there. When they are ready to expire, they donate millions if not billions of dollars. Sometimes this money is just sitting out there until somebody asks for it. Be the first! You heard from me.

     Keep in mind many colleges and universities want you to do well. They are interested in your success. Of course they do well if you are successful. It does you good to ask for assistance. Never hesitate to ask. getting some money to start with puts you ahead of the rest. I did that as well. You just have to come up with the difference and sometimes the difference is not much. graduating debt free is not rocket science yet we tend to make it seem so.

    As you begin your school search, focus on the strategy that gives you cash and not loans. In the process be hopeful and expectant and something positive will occur to you. Please spread this message to anybody you know. I want this message known by the entire world.

     Keep dreaming and see the end now!


Debt Free Vision

In earlier blog posts, I talked about breaking down your cost to yearly and then monthly. Specifically, the recommendation was to say, if your four year expense was $80,000.00 then you divide by 4 years. The assumption is it takes 4 years to complete your education. Then you divide further by 12 months or by 4 quarters in a year.

     Debt free vision requires to write down your plan on a piece of paper or notebook. It then serves as a reminder the job in front of you. It gives you the mental discipline to stay focused. You learn to prioritize everything, from allocation of your financial resources, even to your time. You become consistent, efficient and effective. Vividly do I remember my days in college. I knew when I had to go to class, which is obvious, when to study in groups, when to study by myself and when to go to work. As far as how much I had to pay per month, I would had calculated everything and knew exactly how much is needed to pay after applying academic scholarship and all the cash assistance I could get. Planning consistently was key. Efficiency became the mantra following the planning. Of course the effectiveness of what i was doing was emminent in the results obtained. I graduated debt free. Yes, both undergraduate and graduate.

     The question is, can you graduate debt free? Yes, you, the reader or anybody you know. The answer is absolutely. But how? That is the main purpose of these blogs. How To Graduate Debt Free wriiten by me (Tafadzwa Nhira) currently selling on major online retailers and here as well gives you a road map on how to do it. It is priced at $9.99. The goal is to give the ideas and prompt you into seeing the potential in front of you. You have to refuse the notion of taking school loans just like I did. I am glad I did not take them. My life would have been buried in student loans right now paying back some $300,000.00 in principal and interest. It is not easy but when you have the debt free vision wriiten down it is a lot easier than you think.

     Student accounts people love people who have a paln. There are times when I just did not have enough to get in school some semesters. But when I explained to the students accounts counselors, i would get a pass then pay as time went on. They saw a plan and they believed. You need this plan. Write down, and stick to it. You will graduate debt free,

Stick to your debt free vision! stay tuned.


Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday is here! Black Friday was a hit. There were black spots here and there of fights for items. Overall it was great. If you missed your deal, do not worry. Now, from the comfort of your home, dormitory room or even your cell phone, you can look for these deals today. Use various search engines and type in what you are looking for, and you will be amazed to see various deals out there.

     A good number of retailers are enticing online shoppers with steep discounts. This gives you yet another opportunity to look for missed deals during Black Friday. The beauty of it these two events are back to back. Let us say you wanted a notebook. You did not get it last week. Now is the type to go online and type electronic note book. Then you see which stores are offering good deals. Do not be surprised to see stores offering as high as 75% off. Yes, it only means it is time for you to cash in. Save the difference or direct it to other useful purchases.

     The good thing about Cyber Monday is that it offers all kinds of deals. Even if you are not in school you still get something for yourself. These type of events offer attractive opportunities for just about anybody. My main focus is trying to get you to find school items without spending a fortune. Additionally, if you can buy them now at a fraction of normal cost, that will be great. You would have accomplished two important things. The first one is finding an item at a fraction of what it costs. The second one, finding cash to apply towards either books or part of your tuition. It might seem trivial but in reality, it is not. The law of cumulative effect holds true. If you add up all these things, you are likely to be surprised by what you amass over a four year span of time.

     Enjoy your Cyber Monday shopping. Meanwhile, I continue to look for more ways to get you to graduate debt free. Hopefully, someday this website's blogging will help thousands if not millions to graduate debt free. It can be done. I did. Nothing special about me. I am just a guy trying to do the right thing. Yes, please share my website with your friends and social media circles. Together we will change college eduaction experience. Tune in later for more articles.

Share Your Experience.

During this Thanksgiving break, it is the best time to share your semester experience. Talk about the progress you are making in classes. Also talk about your challenges if any. The goal is to get as much input as possible in terms of the success you need. Sometimes it just involves sharing your college experience and listening to advice. It was one of the the things that got me over the hump.

     As you review your semester, focus on finishing strong. Grades matter and they sometimes make a huge difference.If you make all As they are likely to make that much difference. Avoid putting pressure on yourself. Just take one day at a time. Continue reviewing materials and be ready for the finals. Bang in some As and get academic scholarship when awards letters finally come. As pointed out, approach it semester by semester and month by month. that is a sure way of graduating debt free.

    Those who take school loans sometimes do not have a choice. But if you read the earlier blogs, planning is key. We are conditioned a certain way and gravitate towards that way. Being a contrarian thinker is important. Innovative ways of doing more with less are crucial. I will continue sharing with you ways of doing so. If you do have comments or ways that can benefit others please make comments in the comments section. Others are likely to benefit as well.

     Yes, be debt free when you toss the hat on graduation day!

E-book! How To Graduate Debt Free: Now Available On this Website!!!

A dream come true! Now you can buy right away securely from this website using PayPal the e-book                          How To Graduate Debt Free. This is the book that caused me to start this website.

     Five reasons you should buy this e-book Now!

I, Tafadzwa Nhira, graduated debt free, for both undergraduate Bachelor of science degree and Matsers in business administration; finance and management (no student loans at all).

2. The book is going to motivate, inspire, galvanize, and challenge you into action right away.

3. If you do the things recommended, you are likely to be a happy camper on on graduation

4. It is writtern from a practical experience, very little theory

5. It is only $9.99 in US dollars, with the goal of seeing you or your loved one debt free on graduation day.

Black Friday! Assisting You To Graduate Debt Free?

Black Friday is here in the USA!  My daughter handed me a 32 GB early this morning. She was very excited. She is like, "This is for you Dad".  I reckoned to her, "Well that, that is an expensive Cruzer Glide USB Flash drive. She was like, "Yeah dad, that's why I bought it!" I am like, "Wait a minute here, you mean you bought it knowing it is expensive". She responded, "It could have cost me about $50.00 bucks but I paid $10.00".  Oh today is Black Friday in the USA! I remember now. Last Year I got a laptop for 50% off. Wow! She got her iphone with unlimited internet and texting for a fraction of what it normally costs. Best off all it is pay as you go!

     Now, start hunting down for college supplies, notebooks, flash drives and the like. Today you can buy for next term for a fraction of what you normally pay in January. A good number of deals are out there right now. Why spend $600.00 in January on supplies while you can only spend a little over $100.00 dollars now. Yes, you heard it on My goal is to help you over the hump. Now, stop thinking it is only $600.00. Multiply that by 8 semester or term, what do you get? $4,800.00 that you apply towards your college education. You see, who said we should take school loans? We just do not think in uncoventional ways. You can graduate debt free. There are plenty of ways you can do? Ask people. Talk to people who graduated debt free. Yes, I did. Paid over $100.000.00 cash as I went to school. Frequently check this website for free bloggimng on how to graduate debt free. My hope is you will be inspired to accomplish just that.

     Get out there if you can and look for bargains you need. Notice the word is need and not want. Apart from college supplies you can also get some things that are highly satisfactory but inexpensive.

Black Friday is here but not for long! Sometimes we do not ask for favors, but I am goint to. Please, I need your assistance if you could. Send this article to your family and friends or just mention my website i may get number one ranking because of you. Thank you in advance. With tremendous apprecaition of you, I sign off.

Be Safe!

Thanksgiving is finally here! I am ready for that organic Turkey the good Lord has blessed me with. But before I help myself, those college students and everybody travelling, please ensure you travel safely. If you are driving long distance, do allow enough driving time.

     At we pray for safe travel. May the good Lord be with you. If you are tired, PLEASE pull over. Take a break, even if it means you will sleep more hours than you intended. It is okay. Check in a motel, hotel and resume when you are fresh. You will eventually get there. As you drive, pay attention to speed limits. They are there for a reason. If you are pulled over, God forbid cooperate. Always say yes sir, or yes madam. Officers are doing their job, even if they are wrong and you know you are right, please do not argue. You want to have a happy thanksgiving. And the good Lord will grant it to you. Because he is so good.

Again, be safe and peaceful. Enjoy your holiday. One more favor I may ask. Please forward this message to a friend. You never know. Thank you.

Peace. Again, happy thanksgiving.

Tafadzwa  Nhira

Student Loans: Their impact on the economy

As said earlier in some blogs, students loans are believed to have hit the $1 trillion dollar mark in the USA alone. What does tghis mean? it means a whole lot. At this rate, it means a majority of students graduating are already saddled with debt right up to their eye-balls.

     The implication of graduating with debt is far reaching. It must be avoided if at all possible. If you have debt, it means upon getting a job you begin making payments. Yes, that loan is not going to go away, unless you live in a socialistic country that forgives student loans. Let us look at the consequence of paying back student loans. In the USA, our favorite uncle begins to ask for his money back. You have to oblige, no exception. This means your disposable income is reduced. Aha! Were you ready for this. Probably no. The question is what kind of salary or wages are you drawing? You probably have to sacrifice a quality life style to pay back your dues. However, you still need a car, an aprtment or flat. If you consider buying a house that is another question. The issue becomes of affordability. How much room do you have to engage in these extra money involving activities.

     Obvious, student loans spawning into billions and now a staggering trillion have an impact on the economy. Suppose there are no student loans. Suppose we all pay cash and apply scholarships towards our room and board. What happens? It is good news to the economy. Our marginal propensity to spend increases. Or better still our marginal propensity to save is increased. This means our disposal income is increased leaving us with more to either spend on necessary items or save for rainy days. Even just plain saving and have the money put to use by commercial lenders and obtain interest, although paltry. Savvy investors take the savings and put in the stock market and hope to obtain capital gains and/or dividends. The impact is huge and well pronounced. That is if you do not have to pay back school loans. One can make for a strong argument of not taking school loans. The basis of the argument will be embedded in the fact that school loans do not foster economic growth. It is indeed a valid arument but less debated. The large amounts of student loans to date is eveidence of the absence of fervent debate about the topic. Yet the need to discuss and come up with alternative solutions cannot be ignored.

     Here is a school of thought? Why is that economists, with all their intelligence, are failling to blare their horns. I am dumbfounded by their silence. What I notice there is much about policy arguments fiscally and economically. However, the presence of a chilling silence concerning a crucial matter of life is equally alarming. While I understand Economics is body of science that sometimes issue various results, it is encumbent upon economist to drive home the message of certain issues of life. Yet economists of today are silent on this issue. It is sad and eqaully disturbing. Are they afraid to come out openly attack the idea of school loans? And if they are, why? Should the cost of eductaion be exorbitant to a point only the rich can afford paying cash while the rest we have to be saddled with debt? It is obvious a higher cost of education has a severe impact  on the economy. Look what happened to the stock market when it was over-valued. It crashed. Look what happened to the housing bubble. It burst. And we are paying dearly for it, including me, Now, if you think the cost of education is just going to affect those taking school loans alone think again. It affects the economy, which means it affects you. Therefore we owe ourselves a degree of responsiveness to this isuue.

     The was now to serious begin addressing student loans. If this article is good reading please refer it to your friends, family and social media circles. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey day is here. November 22nd to be exact! Groceries stores are being inundated by a flurry of shoppers. Mothers are being bombarded with questions about this year's meal. Are we ready? Do we have green beans? What about the pumpkin pie? And the turkey? Of course you cannot forget the turkey or else ther is no thanksgiving?

     In America, thanksgiving day is a special day. Families get together and spent sometime. They get to mention things they are thankful about. Some try to count their blessings one by one, while others just thank God for his goodness. Yes, he is a good God. I count my blessings and I cannot finish them. But there is one I am particularly thankful about. It is the fact that I went to college in Tulsa Oklahoma. My first degree is a bachelor of Science with a major in Accounting. My second degree is an MBA with two concentration namely Finance and Management. I give thanks to God because I graduated debt free. Yes, I did not owe the USA government any dime. My passion about how to graduate debt free is real and deeply felt. It is a practical experience. If you have not done so, I urge you to read my blogs in here. Also, my book is on sale on all major online retailers. You type Tafadzwa Nhira and it will pop up. I thank God if you buy the book as well. If you find it good or worthwile, please recommend it or pass it on. It will be an honor. Isn't it amazing that a little e-book for a very small amount shows how you can graduate debt free. Rather than graduate with over $100,000.00 in debt you have no debt when you toss the cap. Yes! That is the design.

     If you have already read my blog, now is the time to reflect upon it. Please take time to share with your family and friends during this holiday. Tell them about the prospect of graduating debt free. Tell them about the encouragement I have been sharing with you. Tell them it is possible to do. You never know, you might save one person thousands of dollars. The world is supossed to be enjoyed and not nedured. But we cannot enjoy if we are saddled with debt. The time is now to begin a debt free life. Let us work hard to get out of our debts. Let us take one area at a time. I am quite confident you will graduate debt free. I am confident you will make it with no school loans. Yes, your daughter, son, nephew, niece or just about anybody will be debt free on graduation day. Why? It can be done. It was done by some before you. It is possible. No more school loans. I am pulling for you. Here is my website to refer in social media:

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the turkey! Don't forget the stuffing and cranberry sauce! Yum! Stay tuned.

A Case for Addressing School loans now.

Upon graduating from college or university, the immediate action to take is looking for a job in the career you are trained for. Whether you find a job or not depends on many factors. Currently unemployment is high in many countries. This means a good number of people are on the job market. Once they find a job they have to contend with payback student loans. Uncle Sam in the USA wants his money back. Yes, our favorite uncle has needs to. He might loan you some student loans but do not expect that loan to go away. Our uncle will ensure he got his money back plus interest.

     Having talked to many people about school loans, my conclusion is people dive into school loans for several reasons. Why is it that some people graduiate debt free, while others do so with debt right up to their eyeballs? Belief! Some people believe you can graduate debt free. Others believe you will always graduate with debt regardless of what you think or can do. Are these two positions sustainable? Yes. They are both valid in substance. Those who graduated with no debt always tell me they believed graduating debt free is important. Some even write a mission statement for it. This serves as a clear reminder that what you believe in develops into reality. Graduating with debt, however, should not be taken lightly. Yet currently, there is very little being offered to discuss the issue. It is time we spoke vehemently about this issue. 

Debt Free: Mid-term review

The presidential election is come and gone. Obama won. Romney lost. The candidates talked about all other issues at length. Very little, if any, was said about the cost of eduaction. No one even mentioned the mounting debt of student loans. Well, this gives us an opportunity to explore the issue further. It also gives us the chance to start addressing it on our own. We cannot wait for government to address it nor the presidential candidates. Governement is not addressing it, neither did the presidential candidates. But we have to. In my opinion, student loans are another economic disaster waiting to happen. Therefore we need to urgently look at ways of solving the problem now.

     If you have been following the blog articles on this website,, you probably are way ahead of the majority in terms of understanding it is possible to graduate debt free. By just having that idea, you can potentially save yourself some money in the long run. I graduated debt free both undergraduate and graduate school. What you are reading is practical experience far from theory or doubtful methods. My book, How To Graduate Debt Free: Concepts And Fundamentals Of Graduating With No Debt is currently selling on amazon kindle, barnesandnoble nook, sony ireader, apple ipad and many other online retailers. You can download yours today and enjoy reading the path way to a debt free gradaution.

     Having said all this, let us review the mid-term of our journey. Feel free to share your comments on the blog. You probably can encourage somebody with your story. At this point, we need to take a look at our grades. Keep in mind part of our strategy is obtaining academic scholarships. You can do so through a strong grade point average. Even if you are in high school, excellent grades means money. Yes! That is right. You have to focus intensely on grades. Please do read the blog published on November 4th, 2012. Are your grades where they need to be? If they are great. If not let us immediately address this issue. Never wait for grades to become an issue. We talked at length in earlier blogs the best way to obtain good grades. Please refer to those. In a nutshell, your grades must be monitored on a daily basis. This means doing your homework, assignments and keep track of your scores. Do not wait at the end of the week. Do corrections immediately to get credit. Study for exams or tests. If you can afford buy the MP3 audio voice series on this website, purchase one. It is a three-series course on how to graduate debt free. The whole course is about 73 minutes. It is a powerful series with golden nuggets that can possibly hand you a debt free graduation.

     How are we doing financially now as the semester or term is winding down. Please remember one step at a time. If you are having financial difficulty, map out a strategy. You can be behind on payments but explain to the student accounts people that you will be paying the balance. You will shovelling snow on the side walk during Christmas break. There is some work lined up already to come up with the difference. Speak with the director of accounts if you are behind in payments to get caught up with your accounts. Sometimes not speaking costs you. Therefore, speak up. If you are ahead of the game, great. My assumption is you have all As in grades, your GPA is looking pretty good. You have done a marvelous thing of keeping up with payments. Now is the time to look at next semester or term. Strategize and plan accordingly to have a successful academic semester/term. Is that important? Are you kidding me? You have to plan. You finish the semester strong. Yes, this can be the difference. I have confidence in you. You can do it. School loans are not an option! At the end, you will be encouraged, knowing you are starting in life with no loans to pay back. Isn't that a wonderful feeling?

Yes, you can do it. Please, help me to get my story out. Refer my website to your friends, social media, groups comapnies and many. We can change the world by just doing one step at a time. Thank you and stay tuned.

Debt Free: On graduation day!

Debt free! Yes, on graduation day, you are likely to be debt free. The question is have you taken the necessary steps to do so. In addition to purchasing an electronic ebook: How To Graduate debt Free: Concepts And Fundamentals of Graduating With No Debt, currently available on for $9.99,, sony ireader, apple ipad, kobo, copia, ebookpie, gardner, baker&taylor, you can also follow my blog. Please make sure it is one of your favorites in your browser. This way you can check on latest develpoments and other informative golden nuggets of life.

     At this juncture, for those in college, university or technical schools, let me encourage you to stay focused. The decison to graduate debt free is important. We have at length talked about game plans of how you can attack college expenses. Anybody willing to do so can accomplish it.

     Dealing with frustration can be challenging. Probably you have failed a test or two. At this point you are asking, is this really worth it? Should I just take school loans and pay later? Well, let us take a look at this senario. Remember in the earlier posts we mentioned that school loans are not any option. Indeed they are not. Think of the financial burden you are putting on yourself in the future. You have to pay them back. And of course they are not free! The best route to take is to focus on what you have failed. Remember, failing means you have not achieved the required threshhold to register a passing mark. Period! The silver lining is you can make adjustment through various avenues like corrections of assignment to obtain credit, extra credit if possible or allowed. Vist the professor or instructor and find out what you need to do in order to do well in the class. Look at how you are utilizing your time. If you are spending your time partying instead of studying, yes you will fail. Assess and adjust. Strive for an A grade all the time. Academic scholarships are grade driven. Study! Study! And please study! The thrill of passing an examination or test you studied for is equally gratifying. Go for it. Make some time. create some time. Improvise if you work. Flash cards in your car should be always a tool to live by. Yes, in a traffic jam, by the light or robot stop. Even using tapes, cd, dvd, radio whatever voice devices you can to retain material. be innovative. Your instuctor is key as well. Please refer to if you my MP3 files on this website. I put a comprehensive package on voice showing you some nuggets as well.

     Do I have confidence in you! Absolutely! Why? If I can do it it, you can do it too. Be encouraged. Keep seeing the end now. Remember, school loans are not an option! Please, if you do not mind, refer my website to your friends, relatives, and anybody you know in college or intending to go to college. Yes, Twitter, Linkedin, facebook, Myspace and the like. Who knows this message may help somebody. You would have helped in the process. Thank you. Stay tuned.

On Graduation Day YOU have Zero Debt!

Debt free graduation? Are you serious? How is that possible? Can my daughter do that? Can my son do that too? With the way the economy is, could that be possible? I wish you had written your e-book when I was in college, I would not be suffering the pain of paying back school loans.

     Yes, these are questions from the audience at a high school college fair in Baltimore, Maryland I was invited to speak. On this particular day, October 11th, 2012, I was promoting two of my books. These books, namely, How To Graduate Debt Free: Concepts and Fundamentals of Graduating With No Debt, and also What Every Athlete Should Know About His/Her Money: And We Are All Athletes. These books can be purchased from Barnes&,, and many major online retailers. Just type Tafadzwa Nhira in the search column and they will pop up.

     What got my attention was that a good number of people did not know one can graduate debt free. It is a sad reality. In the book, How To Graduate Debt Free ($9.99) I lay out a practical path on receiving your diploma without debt. That is exactly what I did for all my degrees. It was cash and scholarships all the way. Also, on this website, there is a series I created, in MP3 audio sound ($120.00). Once you purchase it you can listen to it. It is 3 audio sounds you can listen to once you download on to your laptop or computer. What if you do not have the money to buy these products, well, do not worry. As much as I am blessed by your purchasing the products, I am blessed by putting free information on this blog. Hopefully that allows you to com up with a strategic winning plan. And you can.

     One of the things I noticed while speaking was the fact that upon mentioning one of the strategies of taking easy classes at the beginning of the semester and subsequent ones, people were surprised. However, when they found out academic scholarships are awarded on the strength of your grade point average, they concluded it was a brilliant idea. My encouragement to you is to do the same. Keep in mind if the cost of college degree is $80,000.00, it does not mean you are paying all at once. Divide this cost by 4 years or the number of years it takes you to graduate. In this case it is $20,000.00 per year. Then divide further by 12 months or semester/term. You are looking at $10,000.00 per semester. Begin looking for funding through scholarships such as academic, workstudy, non-refundable grants if there are some. Take $10,000.00 for instance. if you get academic scholarship of $3,000.00 per semester, now you are down to $7,000.00. Add work study scholarship of $4,000.00 now you are down to $3,000.00. Work during the summer and come up with $8,000.00 and apply $3,000.00 and keep the balance to start your next semester. Keep in mind these are some of the ways you could attain a debt free college academic career. Other avenues we will discuss include athletic scholarships, part-time work, your business, yes, your business can be part of the strategy.

Stay tuned. Meanwhile if you can order your ebook today on amazon kindle, barnes&noble nook, sonny ireader, apple ipad to read more comprehensive discussion. Yes, please assist me in spreading this website message and my books so my story can be heard. We can transform college education by seeing the end now. No more school loans anymore!

Debt Free College: A dream or reality?

To many, debt free college is best described as a dream, wish or illusion. However, to those who see the end now, it is a sure reality. Many students all over the workd have graduated debt free. Some have graduated saddled with a mountain of debt. Why the difference? As Tafadzwa Nhira writes in his book, How To Graduate Debt Free: Concepts And Fundamentals Of Graduating With No Debt currently selling on amazon kindle, barnes&noble nook, sony ireader, apple ipad, kobo, copia, ebookpie, gardner, baker&taylor see the end now.

     Seeing the end now is a key concept which cannot be taken lightly. It is developed and interwoven by a passionate drive of wanting to finish college with no debt. Substantive steps ought to be taken to accomplish this goal. The vision ought to be clearly laid out and follow through implemented. It can be done. This is personal experience for me hence writing the book. Both graduate and undergraduate degrees saw me taking no school loans. In fact they were not a choice. But, I was not rich financially. Resolve, determination and perseverence were the key ingredients that saw me. It was easy to do and follow because the vision was clear and written in my heart.

     When my name was pronounced on graduation day, it was pure joy and excitement. No mountain of school loans to pay back. Resolve pays. Do so toady. Check out How To Graduate Debt Free: Concepts and Fundamentals of Graduating With No Debt today on, barnes& and any major online retailer. This ebook is likely to change your college eduaction experience. See the end now!

Student Loans Not An Option!

Are student loans an option? It seems. Yet in reality they are not. Gradually, they have become an option because we have resigned ourselves to defeat and despair. We are constantly  gravitating towards what seems the easy way out. The evidence is ample enough if you look at the USA alone. School loans are belived to have climbed over the 1 trillion mark. Unfortunately very little is being done to reverse the trend. Is it safe to say this is yet another economic disaster waiting to occur? Absolutely, if we do not act immediately. Discussion should take place and action implemented immediately. Yes, this means we all have a part to take even if you do not have to go to college. When the economy goes south, it does not affect college students only or those who graduated with diplomas. Everybody is affected. You do play a critical role in shaping tomorrow's economic future. This discussion should not be taken lightly. We should come up with alternatives to school loans. Just imagine if we are injecting a trillion dollars into the economy in essential services, goods and common consumption! It is safe to say, the economy will grow at an alarming pace. Robust growth is likely to ensue. Yet over years, this issue has been approached casually and virtually little progress if any is being made.

     From an economic standpoint, when you graduate with debt and you start paying off six months or whenever due, it affects your disposable income. You are shifting resources that could have been employed in many diffrent economic areas. However, the opposite is true if you graduated with no debt. At micro level your portion of disposable income might seem insignificant. But wait! What if all is an aggregate sum of expenditure. Now it gets to be interesting. The impact on the economy is more than likely to be huge.

     We ought to push for graduating debt free. The series I developed on how to graduate debt free is in audio sound. It is in 3 different audios each showing steps to take to graduate debt free. You can down load to your computer, laptop etc. My hope is you will graduate with no debt and help others to do so. It feels great when you graduate and you do not have to pay back any money in loans. It can be done, I did it and you can do it.

     Let the death of student loans begin now. They are not an option and should not be an option. Not now, not tomorrow or ever!



Debt Free Graduation: You Can Do It!

Graduating debt free is within reach for anybody. Some people are graduating debt free and happy about it. when you think about it you are mostly intimidated by the thought of it yet in reality there is really nothing that can prevent you from doing so. It takes resolve and determination.

     The initial point is to begin seeing the end now. Yes! Envision seeing tossing the cap knowing you have no mountain of debt to tackle six months later or whenever payments become due. Then do some brainstorming of how you are going to pay for your degree program. In the process never envision school loans. This is where a lot of people make mistakes. They think the only way out is by taking school loans. Not necessarily. Take the contrarian view.  This means you probably have to go against the traditional norm. Various ways of doing so are readily available.

     Although the cost of my college education was over $100,000.00, in my mind I approached it on a month to month basis. Keep in mind that numbers are frightening especially if they are vast sums. You are easily defeated before you even started the battle. If the cost of your education is $80,000.00, divide by 4 years which gives you $20,000.00 per year. Then break it further down by months. Once you do that, apply scholarships, workstudy, cash savings or even weekly or bi-weekly wages and before you realize you are on your way to graduating debt free. In the series Debt free graduation in MP3 files which you can purchase and listen to on your laptop or computer, I break down in detail how you can graduate with no debt. Golden nuggets of tossing your cap without debt are clearly laid out. If you are interested buy the series today and listen to it. hopefully it will galvanize you into action.

Stay tuned for more insights on graduating debt free!

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